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Fashion Idol

August 24th, 2011 No comments

A sure bet: Oh, dah-ling! The bright lights of Las Vegas have nothing on this totally awesome tee.

Richard, one my loyal KFR readers, recently decided he didn’t have enough neon-yellow T-shirts in his wardrobe.

So, naturally, he finally succumbed to the allure of being the women’s pet and the men’s regret and ordered his very own vintage tee featuring “The Universal Heartthrob” Austin Idol, aka “The Boss.” (Bruce Springsteen and Magnum TA only wish they had the authority that “the Idol” enjoys worldwide.)

When the package arrived (smelling a bit like Drakkar Noir), the recipient noticed the return address was certainly…um…succinct: “IDOL.”

Richard writes: “I can only imagine my postman if my address had been written incorrectly and he had to return to sender: ‘Idol? But of course, Austin Idol, the Universal Heartthrob! Las Vegas, Nevada!'”

Thankfully, the shirt did arrive. Richard has assured me that he’s already cut the sleeves off this bad boy, making him the envy of all at his nearby Gold’s Gym.

To get your very own autographed T-shirt, check out Idol’s website.


Matt Hardy is doing swell

August 23rd, 2011 No comments

Clean and sober.

For a brief time (the “Mattitude Era”), Matt Hardy was one of my favorite WWE performers, despite his limited push. Like most, I’d also been blown away by his tag-team performances years earlier with his brother, Jeff, as well, when the longtime fans-turned-wrestlers risked their health for death-defying moves never before seen.

So naturally, despite Matt’s weird behavior over the last 24 months, I was concerned for his physical and mental well-being when I learned of his recent car accident and subsequent firing from TNA. The wrestler smashed his Corvette into a tree in North Carolina on Saturday and was taken into custody because authorities believed he was drunk. (Outrageous, I know.)

Turns out, I need not have worried.

According to Matt, everything’s cool, haters. In fact, life couldn’t be better, according to this statement Hardy released:

“When the side windows glass smashed into my face, arms and neck, some of the blood that did felt almost angelic. I went from being afraid to die to feeling like I was almost being reborn with some sort of an ABSOLUTE PURE LIFE-FORCE. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. I felt like I’d just received the blood of an angel flowing inside me–I know this sounds crazy!  Due to these, I only have urges to help people. And miraculously, all my vices are gone.”

Sounds like a hell of a gimmick. (Who wrote this promo…Vince Russo?) Geez, I hope Matt checks himself into the nearest rehab facility when his head clears. Personally, as someone who’s been close to those in recovery, at least part of what he was rambling about sounds somewhat grounded in the roots of A.A.’s 12-step program, which might be Matt’s only hope at this point.


Memphis Wrestling…lives?

August 22nd, 2011 No comments

Somebody say somethin' about Wildfire?

Presenting the leaked opening to Wild Fire Wrestling, a proposed new Memphis wrestling promotion and TV show. (Who’s that handsome young man wearing the tie being interviewed by Lance Russell in the far right corner at the midway point?)

Not sure about the origins of the name other than it seems to indicate Tommy Rich will have a role as the owner/commissioner, which will certainly make for must-see TV.

Or maybe it’s just because fire and Memphis rasslin’ go together like lighters and flash paper.

Seriously, though, a pretty cool opening, featuring several memorable moments that made Memphis the hotbed (ah, so that’s where the name comes from) of professional wrestling in the ’70s and ’80s. Now all they need is the talent to back it up–that’s some mighty big boots to fill. I wish the best to those involved. Who knows–maybe I’ll even come out of retirement.