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A Halloween costume of Humongous proportions

November 1st, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments
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Look--it's Sean Alford dressed as the Michelin Man dressed as Lord Humongous.

My old college buddy Sean Alford got a little creative with his costume last night, attending a party as Lord Humongous, a creepy post-apocolyptic character in “The Road Warrior” movie…and the former AWA Southern heavyweight wrestling champion in Memphis. (In 1984, in an effort to capitalize on the growing WTBS-fueled reputation of the Road Warriors tag-team of Hawk and Animal, Jerry Lawler coaxed ex-wrestler and former Memphis State University football player Mike Stark out of retirement with the gimmick of “Road Warrior Humongous.” See video below.) Must have been cumbersome knocking back Scotch and water in that getup, but then Sean’s always been rather been resourceful.

Incidentally, that’s not a bodysuit like Kevin Lawler used to wear under his hooded jobber guise of “The Firefly;” Sean was so committed to the idea that he’s been cycling copious amounts of steroids for 12 weeks. Can a WWE contract offer be far behind?

Lord Humongous pillages and plunders the Memphis territory:

  1. Paul
    November 6th, 2011 at 13:00 | #1

    Lord Humongous was scary as an 6 year old mark

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