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Fashion Idol

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A sure bet: Oh, dah-ling! The bright lights of Las Vegas have nothing on this totally awesome tee.

Richard, one my loyal KFR readers, recently decided he didn’t have enough neon-yellow T-shirts in his wardrobe.

So, naturally, he finally succumbed to the allure of being the women’s pet and the men’s regret and ordered his very own vintage tee featuring “The Universal Heartthrob” Austin Idol, aka “The Boss.” (Bruce Springsteen and Magnum TA only wish they had the authority that “the Idol” enjoys worldwide.)

When the package arrived (smelling a bit like Drakkar Noir), the recipient noticed the return address was certainly…um…succinct: “IDOL.”

Richard writes: “I can only imagine my postman if my address had been written incorrectly and he had to return to sender: ‘Idol? But of course, Austin Idol, the Universal Heartthrob! Las Vegas, Nevada!'”

Thankfully, the shirt did arrive. Richard has assured me that he’s already cut the sleeves off this bad boy, making him the envy of all at his nearby Gold’s Gym.

To get your very own autographed T-shirt, check out Idol’s website.

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