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Hulk Hogan sinks to new low: mentoring midget wrestlers on new ‘reality’ TV show

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While I publicly lamented the lack of quality midget tag teams in the mid-’90s, never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that Hulk Hogan could be the answer.

Popeater.com reports:

Hulk Hogan is heading back to TV, and this time he’s training little people how to wrestle in a new TruTV show tentatively title ‘Mirco Wrestling,’ according to RadarOnline.com.

“He’s the guy who inspires, recruits, trains and mentors them,” Hogan’s attorney David Houston said. “He’s been involved in every step — only this time it’s on a smaller scale.”

Hogan is no stranger to the small screen thanks to his foray in reality TV with ‘Hogan Knows Best,’ but this time around the focus isn’t so much on him as it is on the wrestlers.

“[The show] will explore the fascinating world of wrestling on the scale of little people,” Houston said. “It will show their extraordinary physical capabilities and the true strength of people of that stature.”

Very fitting that Hogan’s attorney is quoted in the piece, as he’s the one no doubt scurrying for ways for the Huckster to the cover the costs of alimony,  payments to the family of John Graziano, and allowances for Brooke and Nick Hogan–all maintaining his World champion lifestyle.

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While a micro-wrestling federation has long been a dream of Eric Bischoff, it’s a little sad to see a onetime legend of the business like Hogan involved in this project, not to mention those car-title loan commercials…and TNA.

No word on whether Nick Hogan or Bischoff buddy Jason Hervey will be among the first contestants on the new show.

A Little Beaver shot: In his prime, 'll bet he could've taught Hogan a thing or two.

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