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Jerry Lawler abdicates Memphis sandwich throne, won’t open deli

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A piledriver is best served cold: Funk dishes up Lawler's specialty in a Tampa bout--completely legal in Florida but not in the Volunteer State.

I reported last week that Jerry Lawler was having second thoughts about licensing his name to Joe Cooper, who was planning to open a downtown Memphis deli bearing the King’s name. (In fact, I posted that Lawler had pulled the plug, which came from a very reliable source.) When Cooper got wind of my post, he threatened legal action (a convicted felon, he knows a thing or two about the legal process) and vowed that “Jerry ‘King’ Lawler’s” would open downtown soon, citing a five-year lease. I removed the post, only because I didn’t want to strain my relationship with Lawler by posting information prematurely. I have since learned that the deli plans have indeed been put to sleep.

Part of the problem centered around the would-be eatery’s signature sandwich, the Piledriver. Turns out that Cooper and Lawler were stunned to learn that the Piledriver is still on the books as being banned in the state of the Tennessee. (OK, a week later and that joke still isn’t funny.) Actually, I’m hearing Cooper planned to apply for a liquor license for the joint, which Lawler was against since he’s never had a drink in his life–other than that shameful October afternoon in 1985 when the pressure of the NWA World title chase and his futility to land a Southern heavyweight championship match with Bill Dundee for the right to wrestle Ric Flair finally got the better of the King.

Lawler also reportedly didn’t appreciate how the media continued to focus on Cooper’s checkered past and that little stretch he served in federal prison. (Yeah, the media can be fickle like that.) Personally, I think Joe’s federal conviction for money laundering and his alleged ties to local drug dealers were blown way out of proportion. (I mean, after Lawler’s past partnerships with the likes of Sam Bass, the Scorpion, Dr. Frank, the Mongolian Stomper, Joe LeDuc, Nate the Rat, Corey Maclin and yours truly, can we really judge the man at this point?)

It’s a damn shame–the rumored menu seemed so promising.

I have yet to confirm that Bill Dundee will opening a strip joint/deli (always an attractive combination) in the space leased by Cooper, but I have to think such a place would be a real winner, given its proximity to Memphis City Hall.

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    I was wondering what happened to that post. I was beginning to think I went crazy.

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