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Life’s problems got ya pinned down? Ask Bull Pain!

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Bull Pain goes to bat for you in the game of life.

Pro wrestler Bull Pain is here to answer your questions about life and love. Don’t just sit there, you pencil-necked geek. Take life by the horns–ask Bull Pain!

I’m a musician. What are the keys to maintaining a healthy, meaningful relationship when I’m away from home on the road performing?

— Riki, Los Angeles

Bull Pain: Meaningfull relationship & be on the road–wow thats a tough one!! The best advice i can really give you is dont get too serious. “Why” you say? Because, when your gone all the time most women dont like that. Plus when you get home all you will want to do is rest and relax. But oh no!!! Your woman has been stuck at home the whole time your gone. Now she wants to go out and have fun, when all you want to do is lay on the couch and watch some t.v and maybe have a nice home cooked meal. It’s a tough call man, plus no matter how good you are, and how much you tell her, she will never belive that you are being good. Hell if i got laid as much as my woman blamed me for i would be a porn star. So really my advice is to stay single as long as you can of course once the big cash flows in you wont have to worry she will be happy spending it while your gone!! And as long as the checks keep comming she will be there. Women–cant live with em and cant live without em!!!

My cat got sprayed by a skunk a few months ago, and it still stinks. What should I do?

— Jesse, Little Rock, Arkansas

Bull Pain: Sorry I’m not a cat fan, so that would be real easy for me to fix–see yaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! (Editor’s Note: I credit Bull for going for the obvious low-brow joke here regarding a certain part of the female anatomy. You, sir, are a gentlemen and a wrestler. )

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