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Pro Wrestling (Crudely) Illustrated

October 26th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments
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Neal Snow, belt-maker, cartoonist and all-around babyface, illustrates some of the great–and not-so-great–moments–in wrestling history. More to come later this week so check back early and often.

Joe LeDuc takes a blood “oak” (oath) on live Memphis wrestling TV in 1978. For the back story on this memorable unscripted moment of Memphis mayhem, click here.

Batman has a showdown with the SuperKing while announcer Dave Brown tries to keep a straight face. For the scoop on this classic ’70s Bat-moment on your favorite Bat-channel, click here. (No word on whether or not the hubcaps were stolen off the Batmobile while it sat parked outside 1960 Union Avenue in Memphis.)

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