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St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Revisted

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Black hearts: Brian Lawler and the late Eddie Gilbert sporting the Hart Foundation's colors in Memphis.

Who says I don’t know how to show a woman a good time? (OK, besides Ms. Texas, a.k.a. Jacquelyn Moore?) With the weekly USWA wrestling show at the Mid-South Coliseum falling on February 14, 1996, my longtime girlfriend spent Valentine’s Day evening in the stands with the other 2,700 fans in attendance, waiting for me to get off work so we could share a romantic late-night burger at Huey’s Midtown.

Billed as the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, the show featured the main event of babyfaces Jerry Lawler and Jeff Jarrett beating heels The Undertaker and Bret Hart by disqualification. The undercard saw Brian Lawler beat Tommy Rich (managed by yours truly) and Doug Gilbert (with me in his corner) beating Tex Slazenger in a bullrope match. I also guided the team of Jesse James Armstrong and Tracy Smothers to a USWA tag title victory over those two Frayser High School dropouts PG-13. (Results courtesy of http://www.prowrestlinghistory.com.)

As always during my Memphis days, the real fun was backstage. Brian Lawler, whom I suppose forgot that the WWF heavyweight champion was appearing on the show, wore pink and black tights and trunks. While Brian was in the ring for a battle royal (won by Spellbinder) Jerry Lawler took great delight pointing out Brian’s familiar color scheme for the evening to the Hitman. When Brian walked through the curtain after being eliminated from the royal, Bret was waiting for him, saying in mock disgust, “What…are you using the Sharpshooter now too?” Not missing a beat, Brian deadpanned, “Yeah, but Bret you roll to the right when you apply it; I go left.” We all cracked up at that exchange.

Although Bret appeared to be disinterested in being in Memphis on what otherwise would have been a night off for him, he was cordial to everyone, showing incredible patience with Reggie B. Fine, who was bugging the Hitman and the Undertaker to have their photos taken with him so he could sell pictures of himself with the WWF superstars at Mrs. Coffee’s gimmick table in the weeks to come.

I’m thinking that I faced off against Downtown Bruno on this show as well, though the result was not listed. (Probably because it barely qualified as a match.) Bruno and I were in the middle of a Valentine’s Day feud over his wife, Karen, who was allegedly sending me cards, candy…and…even A POEM!

  1. David Fullam
    February 16th, 2010 at 09:40 | #1

    You should have been called up to the big leagues.

  2. Old School Sammy
    February 16th, 2010 at 20:21 | #2

    Such good stuff—Thanks for keeping it more regular, and YES I sure as heck will buy the T-Shirt!

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