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Giant killers

February 3rd, 2010 3 comments
Size does matter: A svelte Andre was a real ladies' man in Paris.

Size does matter: A svelte Andre was a real ladies' man in Paris.

In nearly every radio interview Hulk Hogan conducts nowadays, when reminiscing about his WrestleMania 3 bout with the late Andre the Giant, the ever-humble Hulkster loves to crow about being the first man ever to body-slam “that 700-pound smelly Giant.” Ah, you’ve gotta love Hogan (unless you’re a diehard TNA fan, that is): If you’ve read his two fictional bios, you know he never lets the facts get in the way of a good story.

In fact, over the course of Andre’s career, the Giant was slammed by numerous men, including Harley Race, Ron Garvin, El Canek, Stan Hansen, Kamala and Antonio Inoki. Prior to their WrestleMania main event, Hogan had previously slammed the Giant few times during his first run in the Former Fed in 1980, including the high-profile bout at Shea Stadium. (The bout from Shea can be seen on the Hogan Ultimate Anthology DVD release, while the most recent–and possibly last– Hulk DVD from WWE, the Unreleased Collector’s Series, features the rare Hulk vs. Giant encounter from Madison Square Garden on September 1980. Both are available by clicking the Amazon links below.)

Actually, I believe the only men who didn’t slam Andre were George Gulas, Tojo Yamamoto, Mr. Guy Coffee, Little Beaver, Mike Jackson, Devil Blue, the Mulkey boys, George South and Eddie Mansfield. (Jim Wilson was promised an Andre slam, but it fell through when he refused to sleep with a homosexual promoter. David Von Erich, who was in line to be the next NWA World champion, was also guaranteed a slam on Andre but died weeks before their scheduled match.)

On to the video evidence: