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We have a winnahhhhh…

March 29th, 2010 1 comment

…and his name is Robert “Wagdaddy” Wagner. Out of the 79 entrants who entered the first annual RassleMania Pick ‘Em Challenge, only a quarter bested  your KFR Colonel–including Dave Reynolds, James Tolin, Don Christian, Daniel McCrosky, and the 13-year-old son of reader Shawn Heimberger (impressively, McCrosky and the young Heimberger also picked Jack Swagger to win Money of the Bank). The biggest misses were on Edge/Jericho, Punk/Mysterio and Trips/Sheamus. I predicted only five of the nine matches correctly (purposely omitting the Divas match), further illustrating my lack of understanding of today’s booking philosophies. I started off a hot 3-for-3 (including the Swagger ladder match win…which almost didn’t happen as it took him an enternity to unhook the briefcase) before my luck turned…story of my life, really.

Typing up my review of the show now.