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Triple H gets Punk’d at San Diego Comic-Con

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Something tells me CM Punk will back on WWE sooner rather than later–and maybe even Zach Ryder. (Luke Gallows on the other hand….) Nice off-the-cuff exchange here–didn’t feel scripted all, which is more of what WWE needs. Hopefully shades of things to come in supposed “the new day” of WWE.

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  1. dlc320
    July 27th, 2011 at 05:41 | #1

    Well after the events of this past Monday’s RAW it seems to me that WWE has blown the CM Punk soap/angle off too fast in favor of the quick dollar return at SummerSlam. To have left the fate of the “real” belt in question for a while would have given an air (at least) of reality to the story. But no, instead, we rush CM Punk out at the end of the big match with his music playing and his new merchandise on his back as if any clown could waltz down to center stage right off the street.
    This all points to how hard it is too create a believeable storyline in today’s markett when everyone is now in on the joke…..it’s not real! And the worst part is that all true fans really want to believe in that “one true moment” when art turns to reality. We want to believe that the Snowman was real, that NWO was real, that Nexus was real,…that CM Punk was real.
    But now the smoke is gone, we all know the truth. And so it becomes harder to top each new “take over” and I suppose in that quest for the green, the need becomes more. But sadly, the return (the fun) dies sooner.

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