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What sort of man reads Kentucky Fried Rasslin’?

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When I was a kid sifting through my father’s early ’70s-era Playboy magazines, I used to love the “What Sort of Man Reads Playboy?” ads directed toward potential advertisers. The men in the ads looked like cool, suave lady-killers who traveled the world indulging in all of life’s pleasures–in other words, nothing like my dad.

Since starting my KFR blog, I’ve assumed old-school rasslin’ fans made up most of my readership, though occasionally, the Google Keywords reports tell a different story.

Then there’s reader Wayne Sine, who submitted the following post, apparently confusing my site with a personals community: “I’m an inactive indy wrestler, 56 years old, 6′-0″ tall, 166 pounds. Im seeking a big husky workout partner for some pro-style matches. 30-70 years old, 6′-0″ to 6′-6″ tall, 240-350 pounds. I’m not kidding. Please send a photo with your letter to – Wayne Sine, 1091 south 1000 East, Apt. 8-A, Provo, Utah 84603 or call me at (deleted) after 7:00 p.m. in the evenings.” He closed his post by stressing “no freaks.”

Hmmm…I wonder if former perennial Memphis jobber William “the Freezer” Thompson is available?

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