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Kayfabe Code-Breakers: Super King vs. Batman

February 22nd, 2010 4 comments

Neal Snow of All Star Championship Belts has outdone himself, opting this week to go with a Gold Key Comics mock-up of a potential feud between the Super King, Jerry Lawler and Batman, Adam West.

Adam West sticks up for his ol' pal "Supes Baby."

Ah, I remember the epic showdown between Super King (Jerry Lawler in full Superman attire) and Batman (the costumed Adam West from the camp 1960s TV show), which culminated with the TV actor threatening to inform his pal “Supes Baby” that Lawler was stealing his gimmick. (Perhaps Batman had been tipped off that the Riddler had been signed to appear in Memphis on the Sept. 27, 1977, card at the Mid-South Coliseum.) Lawler was fortunate Superman never made it town, though I’m sure the King of heels would not have been above pulling some Kryptonite out of his tights if the situation had called for it. From the clip below, it’s amusing see West wearing the mask…dressed in a track suit; he had been notified by DC’s attorneys to refrain from wearing the Bat-suit for his personal appearances. The TV standoff occurred to promote a local car show in Memphis, featuring appearances by West and the Batmobile from the ’60s TV series.

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