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Brother, can you spare a dime? Brother!

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Hulked up: Hogan gets his hands on Linda’s assets in happier times.

Hulked up: Hogan gets his hands on Linda’s assets in happier times.

According to Tampa Bay Online, Hulk Hogan is in court today asking a judge for access to some of his assets that were frozen while his pending divorce is resolved: 

Attorneys for Hogan filed documents Monday asking that he be given $300,000 from the frozen assets. In December, Linda Bollea was granted $400,000 to pay attorneys’ fees. Hogan claims back surgery he had last month will keep him from working for a time. The motion said he has nearly $411,000 in his bank account and his bills top $312,000. In December, when Linda Bollea was granted her money, Hogan’s frozen assets were said to total roughly $7 million.

Outside the courtroom, Hogan’s financial advisor, Bernard “Mad Dog” Madoff, had no comment, while “Million-Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase taunted the Hulk with a job offer: “Everybody’s got a price, Hogan. Buhahahaha!”

The back surgery ends speculation that Hogan will picking up the gauntlet for abused legends everywhere and wrestling Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 25. Personally, I hope Lawler gets the nod, as the promos between the two would be off the charts. The timing isn’t right for Ric Flair, even if WWE promoted the bout as a street fight as opposed to wrestling match—it’s simply too soon after his retirement ceremony last year. Besides, given Lawler’s past in-ring experience with the likes of Road Warrior Humongous, Kojak, Spider-Man and Darth Vader in Memphis, having Randy the Ram in his corner sounds about right. Lawler cut one of the best promos of the last five years directed at Muhammad Hassan and Daivari following the terrorists’ attack on the King and Jim Ross on RAW in 2004. (Of course, WWE only aired the promo as an “online exclusive” on wwe.com, meaning most fans never saw it.) Imagine what Lawler could go with Jericho. The King is obviously not what he was once physically in the ring, but his psychology, always his strongest point, is as sharp as ever and would help ensure a solid bout with Jericho at ‘Mania. Plus, as Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer pointed out, at 59, this may be Lawler’s last shot at working a match on the biggest stage in the business.

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