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‘Body’ violated: Jesse Ventura sues TSA, Department of Homeland Security over airport pat-downs, invasive searches

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Nobody touches the Body.

CNN is reporting that former Minnesota governor, WWE announcer and AWA Southern heavyweight wrestling champion Jesse “the Body” Ventura filed a lawsuit Monday in federal court in Minnesota against the Dept. of Homeland Security and TSA over the latest airport security screening measures:

CNN reports: “The suit alleges enhanced airport security procedures, including pat-downs and full body scanning, violate Ventura’s rights under the Fourth Amendment, which protects Americans from unreasonable searches and seizures. Ventura is not seeking monetary damages, according to his attorney, David Olsen. Ventura wants an acknowledgment from the court that his rights have been violated and a court order that would stop the government from subjecting him to the screening procedures, Olsen said. “We consider the pat-downs and the whole body scanners to be a step too far, and they have crossed into the realm of the unreasonable,” Olsen said.”

Ventura had hip replacement surgery in 2008, and the resulting titanium implant routinely sets off metal detectors, requiring him to undergo pat-down searches, according to court documents. The lawsuit alleges the pat-downs and the TSA’s whole body imaging procedures meet legal definitions of unlawful sexual assault and unlawful video voyeurism.

Seems a little ironic that a man who used roll around with other men in tights nightly in an exchange of holds to determine wrestling superiority finds the pat-downs too invasive. I will say that during my return flight from England recently, I was a little surprised that my scrotum area was checked a little too close for comfort. (Of course, I was wearing these skinny jeans my wife picked out for me-security probably thought I was trying to smuggle a European hedgehog back to the States in my trousers.)

Ventura is certainly no stranger to litigation. In October 1983, he unsuccessfully filed a suit against the American Wrestling Association and AWA president Stanley Blackburn to have a controversial loss of his Southern crown to Jerry “the King” Lawler overturned, citing outside interference from the San Diego Chicken throughout the match.

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