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GangGreen: NXT attacks WWE stars in Florida

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World Wrestling Entertainment provided a glimpse where the NXT invasion angle is headed as the greenhorn gang attacked Christian and Miz at a Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW…WWE’s developmental promotion) house show in Melbourne, Fla., on June 9. Much like CM Punk-possibly the most vile heel in the promotion right now-went against character and attempted to save John Cena from the NXT beat-down on June 7, Miz and Christian were forced to work together before being overpowered by the rookies. This seems to confirm that WWE heels and babyfaces will temporarily put aside their differences and rivalries, forced to fight the common enemy together, which should make for intriguing television. Much like Monday night, the live crowd was pretty hot for this.

I think it would be great if the NXT continued to do run-ins at WWE house shows for the next month, coming back with rematches with the veterans teaming to seek revenge against the rookies.

Writes Paul Philbin for a report appearing on the Wrestling Observer site:

“The NXT invasion storyline continued at last night’s WWE developmental show in Melbourne, Florida. The main event was scheduled to be The Miz and Daniel Bryan vs. Christian and Heath Slater but that didn’t happen. The Miz’s music played before the match but nobody came out. Christian came out next and talked about what happened on RAW, then called out Heath Slater. Slater talked about how everything was good to start off on NXT but then Christian wouldn’t give him the answers so they lost the competition. Daniel Bryan then ran out and attacked Christian from behind. The Miz came down next and fought off the Rookies with Christian. Miz proposes that they do a Pros vs. Rookies match. Miz cut a babyface promo with Christian and worked the match as a face. The ending came when Miz and Christian were about to hit their finishers on the Rookies. All of the Season 1 Rookies rushed the ring and beat down Miz and Christian. The Rookies tore down the FCW ring before Bryan kicked Miz in the head and Slater hit the Killswitch on Christian. The Rookies left with the Pros laid out.”

Here’s footage a ringside fan recorded and posted on YouTube:

  1. PG-13
    June 13th, 2010 at 10:33 | #1

    hey Scott not sure if this is a work or real but supposedly Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan for WWE) was let go for choking out the ring announcer with his tie.

    if this is true this will be the 2nd time WWE as released the best pure wrestler in the business (first being in the old Memphis Championship Wrestling)

  2. admin
    June 14th, 2010 at 13:51 | #2

    With Cena tweeting about Danielson’s firing on his Twitter account, I’m calling work.

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