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Jerry “the King” Lawler wrestles to stop violence (best headline ever)

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Stopping violence…one fireball at a time.

From the local CBS news affiliate in Memphis, Tenn.: Professional wrestler and Memphis native Jerry “The King” Lawler is taking on a new opponent, but not in the ring. Lawler is teaming up with a local group to fight crime and give kids an alternative to violence.

A whole lineup of old school Memphis wrestlers, including Lawler and Psycho Sid Vicious will be duking it out inside the ring next Saturday. Proceeds from the event will go to the organization FFUN as a joint effort to reach out to urban youth in Memphis.

He is known as Jerry “the King” Lawler inside the ring and he is bringing it to the White Station High School auditorium for a night of Memphis classic wrestling.

“Myself, Psycho Sid Vicious are going to be involved, Outlaw Don Bass, Superstar Bill Dundee, Bryant (sic) Christopher, Dangerous Doug Gilbert, said Lawler.

But this time it is for a bigger cause than just entertainment. Lawler has teamed up with Stevie Moore of the group “Stop the Violence” to raise funds and set up youth wrestling camps. “It is all about inner-city youth and giving them the opportunity to vent their anger or whatever it is in other directions rather than picking up weapons and things like that,” said Lawler.

  This coming from the man who regularly hits opponents with steel chairs and chains. But then I believe it was Gandhi who said, “I cannot teach you violence, as I do not myself believe in it. But I do believe piledriving your fellow man can deter future violence. Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. And may the aim of your fireball be true.” 

I love where Lawler promises to bring along Vicious, Bass and Gilbert to help the cause. Yes, just the men you want to stomp out violence: the Psycho, the Outlaw and Dangerous Doug.

File under Jerry “the King” Lawler.



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