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Just what that show needed-more TNA

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TNA continues to live up to its ridiculous name with the addition of “Survivor: Amazon” winner Jenna Morasca, according to  Entertainment Weekly. Morasca, who posed nude for Playboy in 2003 with fellow contestant Heidi Strobel (Jenna is the brunette, Heidi is the blonde) will make her debut March 12 on Spike TV.

Morasca tells EW: “Everyone is covered in glitter and makeup and stuff and then goes and beats the crap out of each other,” says Morasca about what attracted her to wrestling. “This is perfect for me.” Although she won’t actually wrestle at first, Morasca will indeed start fighting after taking a crash course in the “sport.” Unfortunately, the 28-year-old reality star has declined to take on a sassy new name/identity for the ring. “I’m gonna be me because it’s more beneficial to know it’s me from Survivor,” she explains. “If I had to take a name, it would be a terrible stripper name like Candy Cane Lane.”

Smart move on TNA’s part to release Petey Williams and Sonja Dutt to make room for this trollop. Admittedly, for someone new to the biz, Morasca’s grasp of wrestling psychology is already impressive. (Before you dismiss her notion that it’s all about glitter, makeup and beating the crap out of each other, keep in mind that Adrian Street made a career out of doing just that.) If there’s one term in today’s society that makes me break out in hives, it’s the distinction “reality star.” But, hey, I suppose, at the very least, it’s an upgrade from Johnny Fairplay. You just have to know that Vince Russo and the brain trust at TNA are counting the days until the October 2009 prison release of Richard Hatch, the original (gay) Survivor, who will most assuredly be brought in as the new conniving heel leader of the Main Event Mafia—a role disgraced former governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich turned down.

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