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TNA paid $15,000 for this

October 15th, 2010 6 comments

In my opinion, wrestling works best when it blurs the lines of fantasy and reality-but not necessarily fantasy and reality TV. I suppose the appearance of JWoww on last night’s iMPACT is at the very least getting TNA some mainstream publicity, something the company desperately needs, especially coming off the heels of its big angle at Sunday’s PPV. Then again, World heavyweight champion David Arquette got WCW on the front page of USA Today and we all know how that turned out. Will it matter much in the long run? Of course not. TNA’s problems go far beyond merely getting noticed by the mainstream public.

While I believe time and money could be better spent on establishing a solid foundation of new, young talent and captivating storylines, TNA has instead over the years been focused on the quick fix, the hotshot angle to turn heads and get on Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, CNN or Sports Center, hence the signings of Johnny Fairplay and Jenna Morasca, the crowning of Pacman Jones as World tag champion, and the public offer to Rod Blagojevich to appear with the Main Event Mafia. I think that Dixie Carter & Co. believe they have a superior product to WWE but can’t compete because no one knows about them. All they need, they theorize, is the next Mike Tyson/DX/Stone Cold angle to make people aware there’s another major wrestling company out there that isn’t owned by Vince McMahon.

Supposedly, one of the reasons why Paul Heyman isn’t coming in was because he made it very clear that he would have to virtually start from scratch and slowly rebuild the TNA product over  a year to 18 months. I’ll bet Dixie didn’t like hearing that.

Becky Bayless is pretty good in the Cookie role, so the segment wasn’t as bad as I feared, but I felt a little bad for Mike Tenay having to react as if this was one of greatest moments in TNA history.

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