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New WWE ’12 video game packs a punch: Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler’s fist-drop finisher

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Jerry Lawler drops in on AWA World champion Nick Bockwinkel in 1978. (photo by Jim Cornette)

Fresh off Jerry Lawler’s old-school appearance (crown-shaped goatee and all) in the “WWE All-Stars” video game, the current-day King is featured in the new “WWE ’12” title as well as affordably priced downloadable content, along with broadcasting partner Jim Ross and Shawn Michaels in HBK’s “Montreal Screwjob” gear.

Credit the King’s unlikely yet memorable run at the WWE title against the Miz, which began toward the end of 2011, as well as his high-profile bout with Michael Cole at this year’s WrestleMania for his continued inclusion in WWE merchandise.

Mattel is supposedly releasing a modern-day Lawler action figure by 2012 but unfortunately has no plans for a classic King figure from his glory days for the toymaker’s troubled WWE Legends line.

Still, it’s nice to see Lawler’s classic Memphis finisher, the fist-drop from the middle rope, can still take out the biggest and baddest stars in the land. (Check out the clip from the new game below.)

Man, if these games had come out in 1983, at the height of my ColecoVision days, I would have been in heaven.

Whattttaa a rush: Lawler punishes Hawk for no-selling his piledriver.

  1. Sean D,
    September 22nd, 2011 at 15:51 | #1

    Nice, but I guess we’re still a few years away from being able to make a digital Lawler pull the strap down before the fist drop. ?

  2. Brad
    September 23rd, 2011 at 07:51 | #2

    Nice. I do find it humorous, though, that the merchandise always enhances Lawler’s Physique. Look at those biceps in the punch to Hawk, lol.

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