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“He’s no rowdy friend of mine”: Bill Dundee calls for removal of iconic Hank Williams Jr. song from music video

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Although born in Australia (Scotland, actually), Bill Dundee considers himself a proud American.

On the heels (no pun intended) of ESPN replacing Hank Williams Jr.’s remixed “All My Rowdy Friends” musical number from the opening of “Monday Night Football” following the singer’s controversial comments regarding President Obama and Adolph Hitler, pro wrestling superstar Bill Dundee (William Cruickshanks) this week denounced Bocephus and asked that the same song be replaced in all future airings of his Memphis wrestling video that originally aired in 1983.

“Let me tell you something, brother-jack-daddy, I came to America in 1974 and never looked back,” said the scrappy little Australian during a hastily arranged press conference outside a Sonic in Jonesboro, Ark. “This is the land of opportunity-I don’t care if you’re black, white, green or purple. Now, while I personally think Obama has made worse decisions than Stanley Blackburn, Bob Geigel and Eddie Marlin combined, ol’ Hank comparing the president of the United States to Hitler is not right. It’s just plain wrong; if you look at the facts, Hitler passed way more legislation. I don’t want nothin’ to do with Hank-I always liked George Jones better anyway.”

Dundee closed the proceedings by requesting that footage of his classic Memphis years currently set to “All My Rowdy Friends” be replaced with Jones’ “The Race Is On” or “anything not sung by Jerry Lawler.”

(Please note that, like my Lawler/Trump piece, this is a parody. I’d like to think that would be obvious, but you never know. According to Memphis wrestling historian Mark James, Bill Dundee successfully had his knee replaced yesterday. “I’ve been hanging out with him at the hospital today and he is already on the road to recovery,” Mark says. “He’s been up on the floor doing laps as well as being strapped into his knee extension machine. Another couple of days and he’ll be out of the hospital.” Get well soon, Superstar. Special thanks to my buddy Guerin Shea for posting the video on his YouTube channel, which features several great clips of Memphis rasslin’.)

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