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Ric Flair’s still got it

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Recently, the former 16-time World heavyweight champion was in Los Angeles, where he was captured by security cameras soliciting an attractive, 20-something employee at an upscale Hollywood gymnasium. Personally, I’ve never had much luck with women at the gym (perspiration problem), but Slick Ric makes it look easy. Thank goodness high-def cameras are installed in the finest Hollywood work-out facilities; otherwise, we’d never have the opportunity to watch the Man work. 



 Frankly, I’m shocked. I feel like a hapless mark, the latest simpleminded victim of Vince Russo’s latest ingenious swerve. Oh, sure, Ted the Wrestling Bear appeared on Memphis Wrestling cards several times in the ‘70s, once working with upstart Jerry Lawler; however, a legend like Flair has nothing to prove by stepping into the ring with this beast. I never thought Flair would end his retirement so soon, despite the grizzly nature of the unprovoked assault. (The sad part is this angle nearly tops everything WWE has done in the weeks leading up to WrestleMania 25.)

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