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Ric Flair’s wife is the dirtiest player in the marriage

February 25th, 2010 2 comments

Another black eye on his reputation

The good news: Ric Flair was not hospitalized after being assualted over the weekend by his wife, Jackie Beems. The bad news: Beems employed tactics straight out of the Nature Boy’s dirty-playbook to beat the hell out of him, according to the Pro Wrestling Torch.

James Caldwell from the Torch writes:

Contrary to certain media reports, Ric has not been hospitalized in connection with this incident,” a representative for Flair’s legal agency tells the Torch.

When police were called to Flair’s home last night, Flair reportedly refused medical treatment after the alleged assault. According to a police report, Flair’s wife, Jacqueline Beems, used “personal weapons” such as “hands, feet, teeth, etc.” to strike Flair.

Foreign objects, punches, biting, kicks-yep, all staples of the Champ’s repertoire. (Reports that Mrs. Ric Flair ensnared the former 16-time World champion in a figure-four leglock cannot be confirmed.)

Seems like Ric is adjusting well to life off the road. His primary agent, Melinda Morris Zanoni, of Legacy Talent and Entertainment, LLC, dismisses the beating as “an unfortunate disagreement” and reminds us of what really matters in life.

Stylin' and profilin': Mr. and Mrs. Flair in happier times.

“The important thing to remember here is that we have some very exciting professional announcements in the near future,” writes Zanoni in a statement released to the Torch. “Ric finds this incident unsettling and is committed to correcting any issues in his personal life.”

Flair isn’t the type to resolve differences rationally, so l can only hope doesn’t do anything rash, like bringing Baby Doll into this mess, especially when Awesome Kong would be the more effective corrective measure to take against Beems.