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SummerSlam comments, Eddie Gilbert’s birthday

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Solid if not spectacular SummerSlam yesterday, highlighted by a classic, brutal World title match between Randy Orton and Christian. The main event didn’t click with me because of the finish, which I thought hurt an otherwise good bout. Still, Kevin Nash’s reappearance costing Punk the title was memorable as was Del Rio’s delayed coronation; however, I have to question the direction at the moment. Trying to keep an open mind, but the whole championship scenario of Cena to Punk to Undisputed showdown to Punk to Del Rio was far too rushed and Sunday’s finish reeked of TNA overbooking. For my real-time comments during the show, scroll down the Tweets section to the right-hand side of this page or click here.

Also, I hate to mention this as an afterthought, but yesterday would have been Eddie Gilbert’s 50th birthday. In honor of the man who would have been king of memphis, check out the following tribute. Thanks for the memories, Eddie. We’ll never forget you.

  1. j,d, mckay
    August 22nd, 2011 at 16:41 | #1

    Glad to see you thought the finish to SummerSlam reeked of TNA….I did also. Cant recall if I said so at WCMB, but it sure did. And even where they have taken the program since then seems sorta TNAish as well to me, and we don’t need to TNA tv shows.

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