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“Survivor” producer accused of murdering wife, plotting Stacy Carter reality show

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This can’t miss: TV producer Bruce Beresford-Redman (far right, flexing like a douchebag) was reportedly scheming to unleash Stacy Carter and other former WWE superstars on an unsuspecting public.

“Survivor” producer Bruce Beresford-Redman (BBR), who allegedly murdered his wife, Monica, while on vacation in Cancun, also stands accused of hatching an insidious plot to air a reality show featuring Stacy Carter, Jerry Lawler‘s ex-wife, and her fascinating transition from a WWE wrestling career to Florida real-estate agent.

Reports TMZ: BBR was working on a brand-new reality show right up until his wife was murdered-a show that revolved around professional wrestling. Stacy Carter -aka the Kat and Miss Kitty in WWE-claims BBR had contacted her roughly two years ago to discuss a reality show based on her life. Carter says she and some of her famous friends-including “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, Jimmy Hart and Al Snow-shot a bunch of footage with BBR…and it seemed like they were going to get a deal.

While I have no idea whom this show would even remotely appeal to, reality TV has even lower standards than professional wrestling, so it’s certainly possible a program featuring Carter was in the works. Imagine the hijinks when Carter shows a lavish house in Ft. Myers to a prospective buyer only to find the Nasty Boys skinny-dipping in the pool, with Hart singing over the megaphone, armor-clad Lanny Poffo reciting poetry, Valentine doing cannonballs on top of Al Snow and “Head” in the shallow end, Hillbilly Jim barbecuing a whole hog, and the 2′ x 4′- brandishing Duggan offering to show them “around the hoooooooooooooome!” Worlds collide, hilarity ensues.

Carter says she was in fairly constant contact with BBR until April-around the time he allegedly strangled his wife and dumped the body in a sewer pipe. Yesterday it was reported that Mexican authorities have finally issued an arrest warrant for Bruce Beresford-Redman, officially charging him with murder after almost two months of investigation.

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    Wow, I had totally forgotten who this bimbo was until this story.

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