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The King…comes alive!

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Neal Snow of All-Star Championship Belts departs from his usual Apter-mag mockup greatness to capture recording superstar Jerry Lawler in all his glory.

I'm not going to touch the irony of the title of his new hit single.

The King sings “Wrestling With Girls” on this episode of “The Jerry Lawler Show.” (As Jimmy Hart might say, this Lawler song wasn’t released; it escaped.)


Of course, this song doesn’t hold a candle to the King’s groundbreaking collaboration with Ray Parker Jr, which inspired the movie “Ghostbusters.”


The lyrical brilliance and raw emotion of Lawler’s musical stylings with the Nunnery Bros. Band is often compared to Springsteen’s “Nebraska” album. OK, OK, so it sounds a lot like Handsome Jimmy’s “Son of a Gypsy,” but it’s not every day you hear the names “Joe LeDuc” and “Karl Krupp” rhyming in song.

And for all you rednecks out there who question Lawler’s ability to compete at a World championship level while writing the songs that make the young girls cry, don’t you realize he can do everything?!


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