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YouTube Finds: Koko B. Worthy?

November 19th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Ah, silly me. When discussing the Hall of Fame credentials of Koko Ware, I overlooked his 1993 World heavyweight championship run in Memphis. Then again, the so-called “Unified” title changed hands more times than Missy Hyatt’s ass over the years, so I suppose it was easy to overlook this career-changing title victory. (Say what you want about Jerry Lawler’s attire in this clip, but the man looks comfortable  in his color-coordinated Browns gear/Zubaz.) For the record, I don’t believe there was a single main event in Memphis post-1989 that didn’t end with a ref bump. (I should know-I was bumped during plenty of ‘em.) Frank Morrell has already been rendered unconscious in this clip, but I’d bet my old “candy-apple red Mitsubishi Eclipse sports car” (which I used to brag about on the air after I turned heel-ridiculous) that Lawler had Ware in a standing side headlock when he was thrown into the official. Just a hunch.

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