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YouTube Finds: The Masked Superstar ducks no one, Gordon Solie

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At last year’s NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest, Jim Cornette stressed during his Q & A session that WWE didn’t introduce humor to wrestling, maintaining that Jerry Jarrett’s Memphis promotion successfully balanced comedy and serious issues to produce one of the most entertaining wrestling shows in the country. While WWE thinks they’re pushing the envelope with their so-called “humor” and that they’re breaking new ground by injecting funny situations into wrestling, nobody was funnier than Jerry Lawler as a heel in the ’70s, yet the fans still hated his guts, likewise with Jimmy Hart in the early ’80s. And then you had Lance Russell as the straight man between Lawler and Hart during their feud, which Cornette compares to “…Howard Cosell standing between Ali and Frazier.”

Russell’s facial expressions and reactions to the heels’ outrageous claims were indeed priceless, as this clip from 1976 illustrates (but first a word from Mid-South Poison Control):


Like Russell, Georgia Championship Wrestling’s Gordon Solie also had a way of injecting a little subtle humor with his classic deadpan looks when a baddie like the Masked Superstar (Bill Eadie) boasted and bragged. In the clip below, Solie’s flabbergasted reaction to Superstar’s list of top contenders (which includes a few WTBS jobbers) illustrates the sly comedy that is rare in wrestling today. (Incidentally, Eadie’s voice and methodical delivery sound like that of a twisted-yet-intelligent madman, almost like a serial killer…perfect for a mysterious, masked heel.)

Incidentally, for those who think Cornette was merely one of the funniest promo guys ever, check out his serious side when he discusses retirement plans for Dusty Rhodes…strong stuff from the master.

  1. July 12th, 2010 at 14:24 | #1

    One of my favorite Solie comedic moments was during the time Piper was commentator with him on GCW. It was right after Christmas and Piper talked about all the fan mail he received over the holidays and remarked “Mr. Solie, even you had some fan mail did you see them?!” Solie replied: ” I did…and I also saw both of yours as well.”

  2. David Fullam
    July 13th, 2010 at 13:43 | #2

    Why the Haystacks hate in Georgia?

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