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YouTube Finds: The Top 10 Moves of Jerry Lawler

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While some critics would argue Jerry Lawler doesn’t even know 10 wrestling holds, I can’t help but think of the glaring omissions from this list. I’m talking moves Lawler honed with years of practice at the amateur level at Treadwell High School and Memphis State University before making his mark in the professional ranks. Such as the choke, eye rake, fireball into the eyes, chain-wrapped fist knockout punch, kick to the groin, hair pull, snap mare and rapid punches, tossing opponent into referee Jerry Calhoun, backdrop, throwing opponent over the top rope, bodyslamming opponent through a windshield, smashing opponent’s head into the turnbuckle, raking opponent’s back with fingernails, hitting opponent with a chair, kneedrop to the throat, small package, stuffing opponent’s head down the toilet, baseball bat swing to the ribs, throwing a mustard jar, ramming a piece of wood from shattered ring steps into the eyes, powder into the eyes, ramming opponent’s head into the ringpost, bodyslam on the hard concrete, hitting foe in the head with removed boot, ducking Jimmy Hart’s punches and cane shots, ether-soaked towel to the face, pulling tights and, of course, the King’s world-famous moonsault.

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