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YouTube Finds: Rich gets richer

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In September 1976, about a year after paying his dues on promoter Jerry Jarrett’s farm just for the opportunity to be trained into the business, young Tommy Rich shocked Memphis wrestling fans by upsetting Jerry Lawler for  the NWA Southern title. Not only did the match help establish the young rookie as a star, but the finish also fueled the fire of the ongoing Lawler vs. Jackie Fargo feud. The bout tells a great story: the cocky, more experienced heel punishing the youngster, who refuses to stay down, with the aging superstar observing the future of wrestling from his ringside seat. Lawler is more concerned with goading Fargo into the ring than he is with beating Rich-and it costs him in the end. The following week, the Memphis promotion drew a near sellout of 10,938 for a Lawler vs. Fargo grudge match at the Coliseum. (Clippings courtesy of Mark James over at www.memphiswrestlinghistory.com )


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