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YouTube Finds: The art of outside interference

August 4th, 2011 No comments

Jerry Lawler takes a powder.

Like all the great wrestling managers, I was trained in the art of outside interference, mastering such techniques as distracting the referee, striking opponents with my Cole Haan shoe, and tossing medicated powder into the eyes of unsuspecting grapplers-all to give my champions an edge.

Although it appears easy on TV, powder can be tricky, as you want to blind your foe with a direct hit to both eyes, making them easy prey.

I was fortunate than most managers entering the sport, as I was a tremendous baseball pitcher at Germantown High School, so I had success with the powder in my managerial debut…leading to the fastest pinfall loss ever in Jerry Lawler’s career.

Ironically enough, however, by the time I became the King’s manager in 1996, my interference backfired in this Lawler bout with Koko B. Ware, leading to the second piledriver I suffered in my career. The moral of this story, kids: Please don’t try this at home.